Life Group FAQ

Have questions? Well, it looks like you came to the right place...

1. What is a Life Group?

Life Groups are groups of people doing life together. Life groups are opportunities to connect with people with similar interests. They are simply groups of people who meet to spend time playing board games, taking camping trips, studying the Bible or doing whatever the focus of that group is. Our Life Groups are as varied as we are; Life Group coordinators use their gifts and passions to create a group that allows others to join them in doing what God created them to enjoy to build and strengthen the church. Life Groups focus on connecting with other people inside and outside the church and encouraging each other in our relationship with God. Whatever your age or interest—Bible study, cooking, prayer, outreach, running, exercising, arts and crafts, you name it - it could be a Life Group!

2. What happens in a Life Group?

It's pretty much up to the coordinator of the group and what that particular group is all about. Every Life Group has a start and end date, start and end time, and ends with prayer. That's it!

3. How often do Life Groups meet?

Every group is a little different, but Life groups usually meet once a week, once a month or every other week. We offer Life Groups twice a year - in the Spring (February - May) and the Fall (August - November).

4. Where do Life Groups meet?

Life groups meet in homes, coffee shops, restaurants, shopping locations, parks, or anywhere a particular group has decided to get together in the Panama City area.

5. Why should I join a Life Group?

Jesus was very clear about relationships. Life is all about our relationship with God and our relationship with others (Matthew 22:36-40). This is a big way people connect through common, interest based relationships and encourage each other toward the Lord as they enjoy life together.

6. Can I join more than one Life Group?

Yes! You can be part of as many Life Groups as you want.

7. Are Life Groups led by Pastors?

No! Well, some might be from time to time. Life Groups are designed to empower the passion and divine design within the people to build healthy relationships with others inside and outside the church. Life is better as we encourage each other toward Christ within the context of doing life together.

8. Do I have to keep going to a Life Group even if I don't like it?

Nope! Only attend and be part of a Life Group if you want to. No strings attached.

9. Can I attend a Life Group once to check it out without committing to it?

Yep! We know that you will thrive in a group that is right for you.

10. Can I start a Life Group?

Yes you can! People who have officially joined the church as an Active Partner can submit an idea for starting a Life Group and become a Life Group coordinator by clicking right here

11. Who can join a Life Group?

Anyone can be part of a Life Group. You can invite your friends who aren't connected to Callaway Assembly to join you in your Life Group. That would be perfect!

12. How many people can be in a Life Group?

Life Groups are designed to ideally be groups of smaller size (maybe up to 10 or 15) so that people are able to connect. This makes certain activities more feasible as well. If a group happens to be closed, it's because it might be at max capacity.

13. I'm interested, now what?

Click here to check out the various Life Groups and maybe get connected!